Thursday, December 31, 2009

To End the Year - 2009

Today I am ending the year doing exactly what I want to do. 

Working on my BOM "Stars for a New Day" from the Quilt Show.  I am working on the month of May...I am a little behind. 

I am watching old Quilt in the Day video that I have recorded on VCR tape.  It's fun to get these old tapes out and watch (or should I say listen) while I am quilting. 

From me, Kclily, to you I want to wish you a Happy New Year.  My all our new years resolutions come true.


Jackie said...

I have all the months printed out for that BOM. Someday I intend on making it. My friend made 3 different versions at the same time. She is amazing. Can't wait to see yours. Love Eleanor Burns! Happy New Year!!

Christine B. said...

I am just a beginner when it comes to sewing, so looking at your quilting machine is a bit intimidating. I had to laugh at the pic of the quilting show, my kids like to watch cartoons on Saturday morning, and when "Sewing with Nancy" comes on, they know cartoon time is over.

Happy New Year from Alaska,

Sonia said...

I think it so great that you are able to do what you love! I love quilts and have made a very small one in the past..but got hooked on gardening along the I just admire quilts and enjoy the ones I have collected or received from my mom's collection. I am now counting the days till Spring! Believe it or not my bulbs are coming up through the snow! Happy New Year! Sonia/Miss Bloomers

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Kclily
I know a couple of gals here that quilt and like you, they are passionate about it.
You know, besides a reading garden you could make a (quilt)tapestry garden. I've been thinking about this myself. It would involve making a pattern with different coloured plants; I've seen one and thought it looked pretty cool.
Have a great year!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we have much in common. I love gardening...always have...have been quilting off & on for 30 years, married 32 years, 3 adult kids, one grandbaby on the way, ready to retire in about 2 years! Happy New Year!