Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keeping Busy

Life has been pretty busy lately for a retired woman.  I am use to living life at a very slow pace but this past week has been anything but that.

I started the week by celebrating my Mothers birthday.  She was born on Valentines Day.  We all gathered at her house to celebrate.  She turned 75 and is "as healthy as a horse".  I found this cake at Sam's and it was beautiful. 

I play cards once a month with friends of my Mothers.  I consider them my friends now. Tuesday I hosted the card party this month.  We play 31.  The object is to get as close to the 31 count as possible. 

On Wednesday I volunteered to help setup for the annual Friends of the OKC Metropolitian Library booksale.  This year we had 5000 boxes of books which translates to about a ba-gillion books.  They sell the books really cheap.  $1 for hard backs and 50 cents for papers backs.  There is also a collectors choice section where a book can be as much as $5 (oh my!).  The sale raises around $250,000 that is put back into the library system.

On Thursdays I bowl on a league with my Mother.  This week we had to bowl 6 games to make-up for a day we missed because of snow.  After bowling I went to the booksale then I went again on Friday.  So far I have bought 2 cookbooks, 2 books on French, 4 gardening, 4 quilting, 2 by Dan Brown, 20 by Janet Evanovich, 1 photography, 1 decorating, 7 by Julie Garwood and 15 quilt magazines.  AND I plan to go again on Sunday when the books are really cheap (half price). 
Today Mother took me to see the Broadway show Wizard of Oz.  It was one of the best musicals that we have seen. 
So, I have not been quilting nor have I been gardening.  This week looks like life will be back to my routine. I hope to be quilting by Wednesday. 
Until next time,


Sonia said...

Sounds like you had a busy week celebrating with your Mom. I went to the Wizard of Oz too.. we enjoyed it! Glad you had a good time!

Miss Bloomers/Sonia

karenfae said...

sounds like a very busy week. I have to check and see when the next library book sale is too - they have them several times a year, but this is small town area I'm sure they do not take in near what your sales does! That is a pretty good money maker.

Jackie said...

Wow, first Happy Birthday to Mom!! What a fun week you had. You sound like me and books. But I bet you can't wait to get sewing.

Katydid said...

Your mother is so fortunate to have you! Mine turned 75 in January. I am so glad I still have her in my life. She is not in the best of health but her mind is great and we have wonderful visits together.
I always enjoy your comments. Here is the blog that goes along with my magazine Flea Market Style post. Hope you enjoy it!
P.S. The birthday cake is beautiful!