Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weeds Happen

I am ashamed to show you this bed full of weeds in front of the shed but I wanted to show the progress  I made today. 

This morning I decided to tackle this bed with it's over grown native rose bush and lots of crabgrass.  The mulch had decomposed enabling the weeds to grow wildly.

These are the tools I chose to attack this bed, my grandfathers hoe, loppers, hand pruners, hand spade, thorn gloves, and my large green bag that holds lots and lots of pulled weeds and trimmings.  I started at 9:15am while the temperature was in the 80's and the bed was in the shade.

After an hour I had made this much progress.  The rose bush has to go.  It came up volunteer, has no flowers to speak of and has horrific thorns.  I spent most of my time cutting it back.  Time for a Diet Pepsi Vanilla and a dip in the pool to cool off. 

3 hours after I started I am finished.  I cut the rose back as far as I could.  It is growing inside a tomato cage around an old satellite dish pole.  The rose will have to be dug out but that takes a lot of energy, way too much for a hot day like today.   By now it is 93 degrees and full scorching sun.  Time for another dip in the pool. 

I just love the varigated ginger on the shed porch.  Now I have space to plant something fun....oh my...I have a good reason to go to the garden center.  That will be a fall project.  

Remember, weeds happen to all of us.  Don't get discouraged if they are taking over your garden because they do that this time of the year. 
Enjoy your summer, weeds and all.
Until next time,


Elisabeth said...

Weed or not, you have a wonderful garden!!!
Love your phopts :-)

Tammy said...

I agree with Elisabeth.Though its nice to know I am not the only one with weed beds,lol. But I spent about an hour yesterday (with sweat dripping off my face) pulling Lemon Balm again.

kclily said...

Tammy, I planted Lemon Balm, what a mistake. It is like planting an invasive weed....ugh!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Great job! Isn't it nice when you look back on all your hard work and see the end results. Looks great and what fun going to the garden center.

One Acre Homestead said...

You have NO IDEA how encouraging this post is!! I have several beds that have been overcome with to dig out the hoe! Thanks for the inspiration and honesty. It can be very hard to post a picture of a weedy garden.

Meredehuit ♥ said...

"Way to go! Cheers to you for your hardwork."
I needed someone to say that to me this morning. We were gone for eight days and in that time the weeds claimed victory. This morning, we recaptured our gardens! And I'm still tired.

Sonia said...

Wow I'm impressed! What progress you made, it looks wonderful and btw your shed is beautiful! Stay cool...the heat is oppressing..I've only been going out in the garden early in the morning! I've still got mulching to do. When it's this hot I yearn for those beautiful crisp fall days! Take care.

Miss Bloomers

Nedra said...

Quite an improvement. I'm impressed you have worked that hard outside in the heat. Lots of dips in the pool have helped, I'm sure.