Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Elephant Exhibit at the OKC Zoo

Around mid-March the Oklahoma City Zoo opened a new exhibit that houses their elephants.  Because of the crowds my mother and I visited the exhibit after it had been opened a few weeks.  Here are a few of the pictures I took using my IPhone.

When you first walk into the pavilion there is a covered seating area and stage where the elephants "perform" once a day.  I snapped my Mothers picture standing at the top of the stadium area.
This is a huge complex.  There is an area where the elephants can be kept inside including a large indoor play area for them.  One of the elephants is pregnant and the baby will be born soon.  It appears they have all the medical equipment needed for the birth.  Everything is accessible by ramps. 

The elephants have a big pond to cool off in during the heat of our summers.

There is a tall water fall that flows down into the pond.  You can see the elephants in the background.  They have a lot of room to roam.

I took this picture in the Oklahoma Trails exhibit.  There is simply a piece of glass between me and the cougar.  It looks like he is walking right through the glass but he is actually turning a corner. 

I am partial but the OKC zoo is a great zoo.  There are so many areas where you are literally standing next to a wild animal.  How often can you get this close to a bear and still be safe?

This is my attempt at a self portrait of me and mother.  We are a little wind blown as it has been terribly windy lately.  So from windy Oklahoma we say "so long for now".

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Sonia said...

So glad you posted the Elephant Exhibit! Everyone has been talking about it and I've not made it out there yet..but it's on my things to see list this year! I usually volunteer at the Ostrich maybe I'll see it then! Thanks for sharing your pictures!! Hope you are having a great Spring so far...I'm a little sore from gardening!

Miss Bloomers

Elisabeth said...

This is great pictures of the animales, just love them!! It looks like a realy nice zoo to wisit. Nice photo of you bouth, mum and daugther.