Friday, June 10, 2011

Rotary Cutting Table

This week my husband and I built a rotary cutting table for my quilt studio....woohoo!!  I was using the kitchen bar to cut fabric since it was the correct height and didn't cause my back to hurt from bending over.  The only problem with this was.....I had to put everything away when it was time to cook. 

I went to a local building supply and purchased a pre-built unfinished wooden kitchen cabinet.

He added castors that lock, cut plywood for the top, nailed it on and sanded it.  Then he added rounded trim to soften the edges that I would be leaning againest while cutting.  Next I painted it, we added the hardware to the doors and drawers and last we placed peg boards on each side to hang my rulers. 

The table is the perfect height 37 inches.  We cut the top to fit the size of my cutting mat 24"x 36".  

I am using it to store my batting stash. 

Having the rulers hanging on the sides is very handy.

Rotary cutters and scissors in the drawers.

This was a great addition to my quilt studio.  Thanks Hubby. 

Until next time,


Katydid said...

Now how cool is that?! Husbands are pretty handy to have around, aren't they.
I have to make a couple of 12 x 12 quilt squares to donate to a family quilt. We are using vintage fall colored fabrics. Do you have any suggestions for patterns?

Elisabeth said...

I am so glad that you got that nice table. In fact it looks like it will fit in perfect to my sewing space :-)

Hugs Elisabeth <3

Nancy said...

Absolutely wonderful. I just had to take a commercially made, laminate one back to JoAnn's because I was being asphyxiated by the formaldehyde fumes it was emitting. I found a sideboard at a thrift shop that is the right height but this would have been a great idea. Do you and your hubby think a top with drop down sides, like a drop leaf table, could be fitted to the cabinet? For those times when more width is needed?? Bravo.