Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome World to Empty Nest Gardens and Quilts

Welcome World to my first blog post.

I will admit that I am a blog-aholic. After reading hundreds of blog posts I have decided to start my own. In my little blog I will show pictures of my Empty Nest Gardens, my quilting projects and probably a few pictures of my cats. So here goes!

I started gardening seriously when my oldest daughter was in college and my youngest daughter was in high school and working. I was left with the empty nest and since I love love love to garden I started creating the "Empty Nest Gardens".

The front yard, I call it the "Woodland Garden".

The Drive Way bed. The potato vine is taking over and the castor beans are 7' tall.

And a quilt top that I just completed. I know, the picture isn't very good but hopefully I'll get better at my photography.
I'll have more pictures of the gardens next week....and a new quilt I am finishing for a friend.

Bye for now.


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