Friday, October 9, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - A Blooming Surprise

It's Fertilizer Friday again and this week I found a surprise bloom in my garden.

This is a Bird of Paradise that I bought in Houston about 3 years ago.  It bloomed last November while it was in the greenhouse.  I never dreamed it would bloom outside.

I keep this plant in a pot.  This year I just sat it in the middle of one of the flower beds, simply trying to keep it alive during our hot summers.  It was shaded a little by the castor beans.  I think I will go outside and cut it now.  The bloom lasts a week or so in the house.

The Stella de Ore daylily decided to bloom again.
Some of the mums are blooming but most are at the bud stage.  I hope they have opened by next week.

This is still my favorite.  The yellow Melampodium with the purple Gomphrena and the purple mum. 

This is the seed pod from the castor beans.  It is an eye catching vibrant red and everyone that comes to the house wants to know what they are.  I always tell people that the castor bean is one of the most poisonous plants that exists.  If a child or animal were to eat one of the seeds it could kill them.  I have never had any problems with my cats and my kids are grown and gone.  But I want everyone to be warned before attempting to grow this beautiful plant.

To help manage these seeds and try to make sure no living thing other than me comes in contact with them I cut off most of the seed pods when they start drying.  I will put knee high panty hose around a few of the drying pods and tie them at the bottom.  Once they are good and dry I will cut the stalk and harvest the seeds.

Thank you again Tootsie for hosting Fertilizer Friday - Flaunt Your Flowers.  Please visit Tootsie Time to see what others are sharing from their gardens.

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azplantlady said...

What a wonderful surprise! The Bird-of-Paradise is so beautiful. I love it when my garden surprises me!

Nell Jean said...

How exciting to find your blog when the post is about your Bird blooming.

Oh, I hope my BOP will eventually bloom! It spent the summer outside and put on ONE new leaf. The wind tends to split the leaves, it needs a new spot next spring.

Melampodium is one of my favs with any of the purple flowers, and such a dependable reseeder.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How neat to have bird of paradise bloom in your garden, that would be a great surprise. Your combination of the mums, Gomphrena and Melampodium is great, they just flow right together like a print on a quilt.

Tootsie said...

girl...I love the photos!!! And you are my hero for getting that Bird of Paradise to bloom!!! I had one a long long time ago in my living was doing really well...and then one day it just collapsed...and I have not found another in any stores here since...if I do...I will absolutely try again!
thanks for linking in...I have very much loved seeing anything other than snow!!! lol

Flowers said...

Wow...Gomphrena and the purple mum looks is stunning. I have never seen one like it. Keep on posting some more pictures of flowers on your blog.

Sue Swift said...

Love the yellow/purple combination. Found you through Blotanical. Hope we see you around there a lot.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

You have a ton of stuff still blooming. My garden is starting to quietly fade. We were at 39F this a.m., way too cold for this time of year.~~Dee

Jessica said...

Beautiful bird of paradise. Beautiful blooms!