Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quilts and Onions

Hello everyone,
This week I finished the 3 blocks for the March Star Crazy block-of-the-month quilt. 
These are the blocks I have finished so far, January thru March.  I don't like the 2 stars on the right.  There is not enough contrast so I will probably remake these in different colors. 

I have found the perfect spot to cut my kitchen!!  I have a large bar area that is the perfect height for cutting fabric.  My cutting mat fits beside the stove and there is plenty of room to spread out my fabric.  The rug helps to cushion my feet so I am not standing on the hard tile floor for hours. 

This week I bought 3 bunches of Texas 1015 onions.  I usually buy Texas Supersweet.  The garden center told me that 1015 and Supersweet are the same so I am trusting them.  My 2 granddaughters are on spring break next week.  They are going to spend the week with me and have agreed to help me plant onions.  Let's see....3 bunches of onions, 50 onions per bunch and there are 3 of us.  I predict the kids (age 10 and 4) might get one bunch planted before they get bored.  Hey, that's okay,  I will take any help I can get! 

Have a good weekend.  Until next time,


karenfae said...

I like your stars and agree with you on the two to the right. I'm lucky that I have a cutting table the right size and you know it is actually a small kitchen island that I put in my sewing room instead as it is the right height to cut without having to bend over! I need to get a salad garden in this week I have the soil ready but it is too chilly today to do it.

my2girls said...

If you're star quilt is red and black from the way it looks I would LOVE to add it to my blanket collection at my house for me and the girls to use. Since, as you know, red and black are the two main colors I use in my home :) Love you mom!

Sonia said...

Oh your quilt is so pretty..I love reds especially with white and blue! What a talent to be able to make your own quilts. I have only ever made a doll size quilt...I'm not patient enough to make a large one! Just love yours! Happy Spring...those Texas onions are going to be delicious! Drop by for a visit -I'm having a Pottery Barn giveaway!

Miss Bloomers