Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm back

Hello everyone.  I have been in Europe!!  Because of home security I decided to simply stop blogging and not tell the world that I wasn't home.  But now I am home and very lucky to be here.  We ( me, my husband, my oldest daughter and her partner) flew home from Heathrow last Wednesday.....6 hours before they closed the airport due to the Iceland volcano.  Oh my goodness I am so glad that we got home.

When we left Heathrow we had no idea that the airport would soon be closed.  A couple missed getting on the flight.  Their luggage was on the plane and it had to be removed before we could take off.  I wonder if they are still stuck in London.   On the flight home me, my husband and daughter all ate the same meal on the air plane.  We all got food poisioning and were extremely sick for several days.   Now I have bronchitis BUT I think all of those people stuck in Europe would gladly have traded places with me, food poisioning and all.

My daughter had a new video camera and she recorded herself at Stone Henge.  This is a photo of herself taken from a frame in the video.  We always have a stuffed animal as a mascot on our trips and this is Little Feather.  It was cold and windy at Stone Henge.  We had a private tour and were allowed to walk right up to the stones.

We visited Paris France, Edinburgh Scotland, Bath, York and London England.  My daughter put a video on YouTube of my husband driving for the first time on the left side of the road.  I'll put a link to it when I find out what it is.

I will be posting more photos (of course) and showing some of the fabrics I brought back with me.
Until next time,

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Nedra said...

So happy you are home safely. I know the airports have been closed for 4 days now. The volcano really has interupted business and vacationing travel. I'm sure it's nice to be back, luggage and all.