Friday, June 4, 2010

Kansas City - Minneapolis Baseball

Last week my husband took me on our first baseball trip of the 2010 season.  We follow the Texas Rangers and they were playing in Kansas City then traveling to Minneapolis.  We love to drive and we had never been in Iowa or Minnesota so off we went to watch a little baseball and visit some new cities.

Our first stop was Kansas City, Missouri to watch the KC Royals play the TX Rangers.  We have been to this ballpark several times but they have remodeled it since we were there last and it is fantastic.

On to Des Moines, Iowa where we spent the night. 
They have a very fabulous State Capitol building that is landscaped beautifully. 
The next day we drove to see the Covered Bridges of Madison County, Iowa
Winterset just happens to be in Madison County where Fons & Porter's Quilt store is located.  So guess what?  I got to do a little shopping.
Next we drove to Minneapolis and visited the Mall of America.  This is the amusement park that is inside the Mall.   
And in the Mall of America there is an Aquarium.  My favorite parts were the sea horses and...
the Jelly Fish.  They have a spectacular Jelly Fish display. 
The next day we visited the Minnesota Zoo.   

That evening we went to the Target Field.  This is it's inaugural season.
We set on the club level behind home plate and this was the view of the evening skyline.

It was a 12 hour drive home from Minneapolis.  We drove straight through which isn't bad when you have 2 drivers.  I hope to blog about my garden and my quilting projects in the next few days.   

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.  Until next time,

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Katydid said...

Very cool pics! Love them all. Looks like a sweet little vacation!