Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maidenhair with Flowers

Hello friends.  I like these pictures that I snapped recently in my yard.  I thought I would share them. 
Maidenhair Grass
These pictures above and below are a David Austin rose called Abraham Darby.  I have them growing in the cottage garden.

My wave petunias are blooming again....yea!!
Ferry Morse Mixed Sunflower
Sunflowers make me so happy. 

I hope life is treating you well.  Until next time,


Elisabeth said...

Oh.... so beautiful flowers.
Wish that we could have some more summer here. This morning we had +1 degree outside, brrrr. Autom is here.


Sonia said...

Oh I just love those David Austin Roses...always wanted to buy some but I never had..aren't they so beautiful! The weather is so nice this weekend...my garden is getting a second flush of blooms before that cold frost gets here! Hope you are enjoying the weather and your beautiful garden!

Miss Bloomers