Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pieced Quilt Tops

Hello.  Welcome to Empty Nest Gardens and Quilts.  Today I am finally going to show you that I actually do a little quilting (piecing) from time to time. 

I have 3 quilts top that I have finished piecing and all I need to do now is machine quilt them.
First, let me tell you that I don't have anyone to help me hold my quilts during my photography sessions so my dear trusty swing set serves as the holder.  My husband would help if I ask but he is really not the type to model
The quilt above was made from a jelly roll by Tula Pink.  The fabric is Neptune.  The quilt top is in 2 pieces.  I will be machine quilting it in sections using my Bernina sewing machine and a method taken from the book Divide and Conquer by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan.  Their book is out of print but I was able to purchase a pdf document of the general directions on this method from their website Great American Quilt Factory.
This is a table topper that was made from a charm pack.  I used the Disappearing 9 patch pattern.  You may be able to tell that it is already layered (top, batting and backing) using the 505 temporary fabric adhesive.  I started quilting this one yesterday. 
This will be a queen size quilt.  The pattern is called Springtime in Oklahoma and I used Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I left it in 2 sections so I can again use the Divide and Conquer Method. 
This is a quilt top my daughter cross stitched.  She wants me to put a backing on it to cover up the stitching on the back.  I haven't decided how I want to do this since it is already quilted.  Some how I want to add a thin bat and a backing, then do a little quilting to hold it together, then add a binding. 

I have 5 more quilt tops started so there will be more quilty blog posts coming soon.
Until next time,


karenfae said...

From time to time I have thought of learning machine quilting but I thought if I ever do it I would need to do it in sections also - let us know how you like doing it that way.
All are pretty.

Elisabeth said...

So nice to look att your photo. Your quilts are lovely. I realy like the photo of your quin size quilt!


Katydid said...

I love your quilt tops! I have a quilt top that I need to finish. I started it 20 years ago! I'm pathetic, I know.
Have a great day!