Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Service Required

Last week I was in Phoenix, Arizona at baseball spring training watching my Texas Rangers play ball. 

Several weeks ago I was summoned to serve on the Federal Grand Jury for the U.S. District court for a period of 5 weeks starting yesterday, Monday March 14.  So we scheduled our trip to be home on Monday so I could start my service......but no.....they didn't need me....false alarm.  I am very thankful that I didn't have to serve since I came home from Phoenix with a cough and a sore throat.  The court would probably have sent me home anyway. 

We met my best friend (who lives in Indiana) in Phoenix.  She is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs.  Her husband is a huge fan of the Cincinnati Reds.  Of course me and my husband are huge fans of the Texas Rangers.
This is my best friend and her husband.  I took this picture while we were visiting the Phoenix Zoo. 

This is me and my husband at the Rangers spring training ballpark in Surprise, Arizona.  My husband is wearing shorts since the temperature was 88 degrees F.

Today as I was sitting in my sun room, catching up on my blog reading and replying to emails I hear something going on outside my window.   I look out and this is what I see.
That is a raccoon on the side of my house!!  Looks like they have come out of hibernation.  When I first saw him he was hanging from our guttering, then he hooked him claws into the stone on the house.  He couldn't figure out how to get down and I was not going to help him....scary.  After about an hour he finally hopped down and was gone.  Ugh, I really detest raccoons. 

And I end this post with one last picture of my mini daffodils. 

Until next time,

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Elisabeth said...

So nice for you that you that sunny anc nice days, someone else wake up to - 10 degrees this morning. Love your daffodils, beautiful!