Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures

Hello everyone.  Last Saturday I went to a garage sale at a storage unit in south Oklahoma City.  Now this is the way to garage sale.  There must have been 40 units that were selling old treasures.  The one thing I learned is to bring a piece of rolling luggage next time to store all the treasures I buy.  Wow, they get heavy.  Here are the items I bought.
The floral tea cup is from Germany and the white tea cup is from England.  2 for $1

I just loved this terra cotta pot.  It actually has a hole in the bottom so I can use it outside as a flower pot.  It was $1.

This is what I call a covered cheese plate. $1

I found 3 quilt books.

These books are brand new.  $1 each...can't beat that.

2 Mikasa crystal candle vases $2

This is a 2 piece flower vase.  Each vile holds a single flower stem, 35 stems total.  $3

This is a beautiful silver tray.  It has a few spots on it but looks great with a doily in the center.  And guess what?  This tray was only $1

So I spent $12 for all of this at the storage unit sale. 

Next my little community was having a city-wide garage sale.  By this time is was around 2pm, a little late in the day for a garage sale.  But there were more treasures to be found.

My daughter LOVES Hello Kitty.  I found this Christmas ornament for her for 75 cents.  Love it!!

6 skeins of yarn $3

4 containers that I will use for quilt projects.  They are big enough to hold the quilt books I bought or the skeins of yarn or several yards of fabric.  $2 for all 4

What a great day. 

Until next time,

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Katydid said...

I love finding the covered cheese plates at garage sales and thrift stores. You can paint the wooden plates and put little birds nests or little figurines under them. Really cute! Or you can use them for cheese, of course!
Good bargains!