Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rainy Day Garden

Hello from rainy Oklahoma. We are getting a wonderful slow rain today.  It is a good day to snap a few pictures of the yard while the sun is behind the clouds.  I didn't stage any of these pictures so you will see cushion less yard chairs and hoses and a few weeds.  What can I's raining! 

The Front Yard

The Back Yard and Patio Area
This is where I grow my herbs, basil, dill and thyme.  We hope to open the pool around May 15th. 
The trailer is loaded with compost/top soil, ready to be spread when the rain stops. 

The pond is still covered.  I try to keep as many leaves out as possible.  You can see how they stack up around it and I have raked them out once...ugh.

The Potager
I have my vegetables and roses planted in the raised beds.  Flowers area planted in the border around the fence.  It's about time for me to trim the boxwood hedges. 

I took this picture last week.  It is a view through the raised beds of the newly planted tomatoes, peppers and zucchini.  The black tubing is the drip irrigation system that I have weaving all through the beds.  It will be covered with mulch as soon as the rains stop.  

Thanks for visiting.  Until next time,


Elisabeth said...

Your garden is so lovely!! Wish I have more time to put on the garden too. I still have my tomato plants inside in the window, it´s to cold here to plant them out yet.


Sonia said...

We sure needed the rain!! I worked 7 hours in the garden yesterday and I sure am sore today!! Your garden looks wonderful!! Love your raised beds.