Thursday, July 21, 2011

And My Life Changes

Hello Blogging Friends

I wanted to update you about what is happening in my life.  I have found out I have breast cancer.  It's weird because I feel great.

I still feel as beautiful and as energetic as this butterfly.  But things are getting ready to change.

First let me tell you about this cancer.  It is called Invasive Lobular Carcinoma and it is not detectable on a mammogram.  I have been faithful to get a mammogram every year since 1998.  I found this through self breast exam, a huge lump.  I should have noticed it sooner but I kept telling myself "you had a clear mammogram"....whatever!!

Please women, keep getting mammograms because it catches most cancer BUT you must do self breast exams.  Sometimes we are our own best doctor. 

Because my "lump" is so large I will be having a modified radical mastectomy next week.  Later I will have chemotherapy and I will lose all of my hair (all over my body, as in everywhere).  I am really going to miss my eyelashes!!

In several months I will have breast reconstruction. 

There I said it, I have told my story.

Now, please keep me in your prayers.  If I don't comment on your blog for a while you will know why.  I am still here just silent.  And actually I may be blogging more than ever because it may be the only thing I can do from a recliner!!

 In about a year I should be as bright and beautiful as this daylily.

Until next time,


Katydid said...

Kathy, I have never met you in person but I feel like we are old friends through this crazy blogging world. Just want to say that I sorry about your news but am glad you found it and you are getting it taken care of. I will keep you in my prayers throughout the year. I believe in the power of prayer and believe in a mighty God.
Keep us posted when you feel up to it.
God bless you!

Elephant's Eye said...

They say, that only we, know our own bodies. I had breast cancer, mine was DCIS, very early. First a surgical biopsy to confirm. Then a mastectomy. I skipped a reconstruction. But I'm very grateful that surgery was all I needed.

Blog on, if you want to. You will find a whole support network out here. Survivors and gardeners!

Elisabeth said...

BIG HUGS AND MUCH LOVE TO YOU, my dear friend <3 <3 <3


Lisa said...

I'll include you in my personal devotions. God will make a way. he will heal you.

God bless you!

Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher