Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Great State Fair of.....OKLAHOMA

Yesterday I went to the State Fair.  I love the fair even though it is about the same every year.  Attending the fair is one of our family traditions that was started when I was a young child.

There were only 3 of us yesterday.  My oldest daughter is on the left, her partner is in the center and I am on the right.  Thank you Cox Communication for providing this picture.

I hope to take my grandkids to the fair next weekend but I will have to see how chemotherapy goes.

We get to the fair as soon as it opens and we ALWAYS start with a huge cinnamon roll with buttercreme icing.  I did share this one with my kids.

The Native Americans are a big part of Oklahoma and we celebrate their heritage. 

These were new at the fair this year.  They are Garden Sloggers and oh my goodness, they are so comfortable.  They say a lot of nurses wear these since they are waterproof.  I will be using them to stomp around in the garden.    They are made in Canton Texas so "Made in America" woohoo!!  They cost $35 so if you are interested in a pair here is their website.  They have 5 color choices. 

Health Update:  I found out Friday that I will have surgery on Tuesday to put the port in my chest.  I had no idea it was a surgery.  I thought it was like an IV and they just poked it into your chest and you went on your merry way.  I am learning so much right now. 

On Friday I colored my hair for the last time until it grows back in.  Yes, I color my hair.  I always have.  I think my hair is a mousy dishwater blonde but who would know...not me!  You better believe that if it comes back in gray it will not be that way for

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Katydid said...

I have never been to the Oklahoma City fair. I love going to the Tulsa Fair. It is the same every year also but it's still fun!
Oh, and I love your new garden clogs! I want a pair!!
Wishing you well during your port surgery.
May God bless you through it all.