Monday, September 12, 2011

Monarchs Are Here

Today I was working in the garden and Oh My Goodness, there were Monarch butterflies everywhere.

I plan to get back to my normal blogging theme with health updates thrown in here and there.

Right now I am in a holding pattern like this Monarch.  The doctors haven't decided where I should land.
Last week I was tattooed for radiation.  Radiation was to start this week.
Then I found out I must take chemo before radiation if in fact I need chemo.

We are waiting for a test result that was ordered 3 weeks ago.  It looks like insurance slowed down the authorization process for the test but it has been approved.  This test will tell us if I need to take chemotherapy. 

I hope to land on that beautiful flower soon and I sure hope that flower is called radiation.  If it turns out to be chemo then I will have landed on a ugly

Until next time,


Jackie said...

OMG... where on earth have I been. My head must have been in the sand. I am very saddened to hear that you have/had cancer. I went back and read all your posts. I am sending my biggest hugs and prayers to you that you totally beat cancer's butt! Wishing you all the best!

Katydid said...

What beautiful butterfly pics! I have not seen any monarchs around here yet.
Sorry to hear the docs have you on hold. I hate that for you. I hope you get to skip out on the chemotherapy.
God bless!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Those butterflies are beautiful. I hope that radiation is all you need. My thoughts are with you. Take care Diane