Sunday, April 25, 2010

Europe, Fabric and Quilts

While I was in France and England I tried to visit a few quilt shops. 
Here I am standing in front of LeRouvray quilt shop in Paris.  It was 10:00am and the shop didn't open until 1:00pm so I didn't get to go inside but I did window shop and hopefully I will get it visit it the next time....if there is a next time.
In York England I visited the Viking Loom. 

While I was in the shop there was a lady talking to the store clerk about Tilda.  I had never heard of Tilda so I listened in on the conversation.  They told me it was a very popular fabric line, designed by Tone Finnanger.  They were sold out except for this one piece.   I bought a meter which was about half of what they had left.  What is great about British fabric is that it is 59" wide. 
I also bought 2 fat quarters of Moda.  2.90 lbs is about $4.25 per fat quarter.  Fabric is so expensive in Europe but I had to have some souvenirs.

In London I insisted that I have time to go to Liberty of London and make a few purchases.

I bought a meter of each of the fabrics above.  At 19 lbs per meter that is $30 per meter.  This will probably be the only Liberty of London fabric I ever own. 
The store is absolutely beautiful inside.
Me making my purchases. 
I had no idea there was a quilt show starting at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  The last day of our vacation was kind of a free for all, everyone did their own thing.  I took 2 hours and went to the quilt show.  The quilts were from 1700 thru 2010.  There were some absolutely beautiful quilts, very well preserved, 300 years old and they looked like they could have been made last year.  Photography was not allowed but here is a link to a BBC News story that shows many of the quilts.
In the gift shop they were selling FABRIC.  I bought 2 fat quarters and a 1/2 meter piece.
The back of the label tells about the fabric pattern.  The fabric is 100% cotton but it states it cannot be tumble dried, it can be dry cleaned.  I tell you what, I'm washing and drying these pieces!!

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Katydid said...

Hey there!
Looks like you had a very nice trip! I'm jealous! haha Can't wait to see what you do with all that beautiful fabric. Have a great week!

Nedra said...

How wonderful to have our own shop tour from your trip. I love seeing quilt stores from around the world. Thanks for the pictures.

Jackie said...

Wow, what a wonderful trip! So nice that you were able to visit some shops with beautiful fabric! That Liberty of London fabric is just gorgeous as are the quilts. And to top it off you went to a quilt show. The icing on the cake!

karenfae said...

sounds like you had a great time and thanks for sharing the photo's. One day I would love to go across "the pond" and see all these wonderful things.