Monday, May 10, 2010

What I do during a Tornado

Today, around 5:00pm, we had several tornados touch down in the Oklahoma City area.  One was about 6 miles south of me, another about 5 miles south, another about 4 miles east.  My husband is out of town on business so I was responsible for keeping the cats and myself safe...that's scary!
So this is what I did.  My next door neighbor has a storm shelter but it was pouring down rain and hailing.  The storm sirens were sounding so I opted to go to the center of my house, which is my shower.  I loaded each cat in a crate and placed them in the shower.  I bundled up in a king size quilt, grabbed my purse, computer and camera.  Of course I had to take a picture of the cats!  The tornados passed quickly so I didn't have to stay in the shower long.  The cats were pretty calm during the whole ordeal. 

All of my family lives in this area.  They all know the drill.  Call let me know where you are and how you are doing.  It seems tornados are always touching down during rush hour traffic.  What's up with that??  Anyway, the kids got home safely and my mom is fine.  The tornado touched down about 2 miles from my in-laws and they are without power. 

So that is my way to survive a tornado.  Hopefully I will never have to test my method to see if it works.   

Until next time,


Tammy said...

Wow, that is scary. I couldnt imagine going thru that. Sounds like you did everything right tho. Great job.

karenfae said...

glad they did not touch down in your neighborhood. I heard about it all yesterday. One of my brothers used to live in Midwest City so I am a little familiar with area. They are scary and we spent 10 minutes in our storm shelter last week here in Arkansas.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Thank God you're okay. I was thinking the same thing about tornadoes. They seem to often happen during rush hour or when the kids are supposed to leave school. I've gotten my daughter early twice. I'm so sorry for those families in Oklahoma who lost a loved one yesterday. We are all fun up Guthrie way.~~Dee

Sonia said...

So glad you are okay...I live right next to Lake Hefner so we escaped without any sorry to hear of those near Choctaw who lost their homes. I was driving at 4:30 in bumper to bumper traffic and was relieved to make it home safe and sound. It wouldn't be Oklahoma without tornadoes in the spring! Sounds like you have a good drill..I'm usually in the hall closet when the sirens blare. My hubbie's coworkers live in Choctaw, one lost 2 barns and the other lost her home. Hope we have seen the last of it this year!

Take care! P.S.. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments too.