Sunday, October 3, 2010

A quick update

Hello friends,  I have been remodeling my bathroom so I haven't had much blogging time lately.  When I am finished with the remodel I will share some pictures.

It is getting cool here.  I have added another blanket to the bed and my winter robe is now out of the closet.  For today I will share a few more pictures from the yard while I still have blooms. 
This frog is about 1 inch long.  My daughter was able to take a focused picture of it. 
The spiky plant on the right is a Bronze Leaved Crinum.  The teeny tiny frog was hiding down inside this plant. 
My papaya plant has a fruit!!  I hope the fruit will continue to enlarge once I take it into the greenhouse for the winter.   
The mandevilla likes the cooler weather.  The swimming pool does not.  The leaves are starting to fall so we will have to cover the pool sad :-(

I hope you have a great week.  Until next time,

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Katydid said...

Those are some beautiful fall blooms you have there! I love the cooler temps but I dread the biting cold days, don't you? Of course, you have all those beautiful quilts to wrap up in. :)