Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baseball,Bird of Paradise and Carrion

First I have to say Yipppppeeeee   WooooooHooooooo  my Texas Rangers won the American League Championship and for the first time in their history they are playing in the World Series.  
I took this picture off the Texas Ranger website and I would give credit to the creator if I knew who it was. 
 We have our World Series tickets.  We will be going to game 3 next Saturday October 30.  Look for me on TV.  I will be the one dressed in  
It's that time of year.  The Bird of Paradise is blooming again.  Later this week I will be taking it into the greenhouse.

This year my African carrion (Stapelia Grandiflora) has 8 blooms at one time!!!  This is another first. 

I will be blogging about the World Series after Halloween.   Hope you have a wonderful week. 
Until next time,

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Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Love that stapela! I hear the blooms smell yucky!