Sunday, October 31, 2010

World Series

Tonight I am watching My Texas Rangers play game 4 of the World Series on the television.  Last night I was at the Ballpark in Arlington, watching game 3 live and in person.  During commercials tonight I am going to cobble together this post about last nights game.

WooHoo  I like the word Champions!

We bought our tickets before the SF Giants won the National League Champsionship so our tickets say "TBD" To Be Determined at Rangers. 

My hubby - the view from our seats.  We sat on the club level.  They gave us lanyards to put our tickets in as a souvenir.
A fly over during the National Anthem, it is great to be an American.
In closing let me just say.....Texas Rangers are number 1. 
Until next time,


Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

You must have had such a wonderful time at the ballpark! What a thrill. Especially since they won that night. I am sorry it had to end that way. I live in Sacramento and should be a Giants fan but my husband grew up in Southern California and he loves the Dodgers. I wasn't into sports until I met him and then I too fell in love with the Dodgers. I am happy that the Giants won since they had not in 50 years but would have been happier if the Rangers had won. I am so glad they won the pennant for the 1st time though. Maybe next year!

Sonia said...

What a great time! My hubbie grew up in the Bay area and of course is a SF Giant fan...but we enjoy the Texas Rangers too! Since we like both teams it was a win-win for us! It was an exciting series for sure! Glad you got to go watch in person! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Bloomers