Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bathroom Remodel

Last October I remodeled my bathroom.  I am just now getting around to blogging about it.  Here are a few before and after pictures and an explanation of the process. 

Before my bathroom was Victorian Country. 

This is my new bathroom.  I tried to give it a modern look with a french flair.  The venetian mirror is what inspired me to do the remodel.  I had seen a similar mirror on HGTV.  I went to their website and found out where they bought it.  I ordered it online and the remodeling started.   
I love the classic black and white tile. 
The new water conserving tolliett from Lowes
I love bees and I found these accessories at Marshalls and they were on sale!!  I bought this piece that is a trash can but I use it to hold reading materials.  I also bought a kleenex holder, soap dish, hand lotion dispenser and flower vase in the same pattern. 
I love the prisms that the sconce globes cast on the wall. 
We bought most of our supplies from Lowes.  We really like shopping there. 

 I did about 70% of the work and my husband did the hard stuff.

These were the steps:

Decide what I wanted and what the finished bathroom should look like. 
Strip the wallpaper off the walls
Sand the walls
Primer the walls
Texture the walls
Order the faux marble counter top
Primer and paint the cabinets black
Buy and install new cabinet hardware
Rip up the old tile (husband did this!!)
Rip up the old carpet and pad
Lay a new tile floor (yes, I did this but husband cut the tiles when needed)
Paint the walls
Install new tolliett (husband did this)
Paint and install new baseboards (husband cut these)
Paint remaining wood trim white
Install faux marble countertop (professionals did this)
Install new faucets (husband)
Install new wall sconce lighting (husband)
Install new shower rod (husband) and shower curtain
Hang new bathroom hardware (towel racks, tolliett paper holder) (husband)
Hang mirror (both of us)
Purchase new accessories.

We did not replace the bathtub nor the tile that surrounds it. That was a little beyond our skill level.

 I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my bathroom remodel.
Until next time, 


Katydid said...

I LOVE IT!! It is very very pretty. Remodeling is a lot of messy, hard work but it's worth it.
Thanks for sharing :)

Elisabeth said...

If I was living next door to you I would pretend that I was out of wather. Then I would knock on you door ans ask nicely if I could use your bathroom and brush my teeth :-)

Hugs Elisabeth

Bathroom House said...

very elegant!!!i love this design!!!

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ammy said...


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Terence Watthens said...

That is a splendid transformation! From Victorian Country style, you turn your bathroom into a sophisticated and upscale bathroom. In fact, it looks like it is cut out from a lifestyle magazine. The mirror is definitely the star of the transformation, but I would not discount the tiles. They give the bathroom an interesting texture and pattern.