Friday, January 28, 2011

Garden Update and Roses from Hubby

As I am writing this post it is 75 degrees F outside, a bright sunny day with a hint of wind.  It is warm, time for a T-shirt and shorts.  That is until next week when we are again supposed to have frigid temperatures.  We have such extreme high and low temperatures here in Oklahoma. 

I took advantage of this wonderful day to spray a little glyphosate (herbicide) on the weeds that are coming up in the pathways.  Hopefully I can stop them now before they get out of control. 

Upon examining the border in the potager I found these coming up.

 The daffodils are about 2 inches tall already. 

Now for the surprise from hubby.   
Last Saturday we were celebrating my daughters 34th birthday.  Before the party started my husband gave me a dozen yellow roses.  Perhaps he gave them to me for giving birth to his children or perhaps he gave them to me just because.... but whatever the reason wasn't that sweet? 
Below are a few more pictures I took in the back yard today.

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Elisabeth said...

That is so unfair, t-shirt and shorts! I have to dress up in winter clothes when ever I get outside :-) There is still a lot of ice and some snow att our place. Some of these last days was sunny and warm and gives my the feeling of easter. Can´t wait for spring!