Friday, February 11, 2011

And the Snow is Gone

The final snow total for our area of Oklahoma was 5.5 inches and our lowest temperature was -5 degrees.  The area where my sister lives, Tulsa/Broken Arrow, was hit a lot harder than we were.  The schools there have been closed for the last 9 days.  To make up these days, there is talk that spring break will be cancelled or they may lengthen the school day. 

But it looks like the bad weather is over.  Today our temperature was in the mid 50's.  By Monday we should see some 70's.  Isn't that go from -5 to 70 in the span of a few days? 

So hopefully for one last time this winter I wanted to post a few pictures I snapped during my confinement in the house.

I hope you enjoy your weekend whether you are in rain or snow, cold or hot.  I will be enjoying our 70ish degree weather while it lasts. 

Until next time,


Katydid said...

Nice pictures! The snow was pretty but I am glad to see it melting away!

Elisabeth said...

So nice pictures, I love the one with the cat playing hide and seek around the swimming pool :-)


Mama Koch said...

Did you get some rain this morning? We got some..but not near enough!

(another Okie)