Saturday, February 26, 2011

Windows and Books

Well let me start off by saying "I'm sorry this post is soooo boring" but I wanted to have a record for myself of a few things that have happened lately.

First we had new windows installed in our house...WOOHOO!!
BEFORE - we built our house in 1979 so these windows were 32 years old, yikes!!  This was the window in my sewing studio.  The locks had broken years ago so we used a board to keep out burglars :-(

AFTER - Much better, double pane windows.  This is the new window in our kitchen. 

This weekend is the Friends of the Library booksale at the State Fairgrounds.  I volunteered last Monday during the setup phase of the sale.  Boxes of books were delivered to the fairgrounds on Sunday.  On Monday 50 or so volunteers unloaded boxes, placing thousands of books on tables so they could be easily viewed by buyers.  Volunteers were still working Tuesday and Wednesday to get the building ready for the public. 
Of course I was one of those buyers.  I bought 34 books, 4 magazines, 1 DVD movie and 1 VHS tape movie all for $31.00  Paperbacks were 50 cents, magazines 50 cents, dvd and vhs were $1. The newer hardback books were $1.50 - $2.  Most of the hardbacks I bought were $1.  This is the list of the authors I purchased. 
  • Janet Evanovich (6 books)
  • Sherryl Woods (4 books)
  • Lavyrle Spencer (6 books)
  • James Patterson (6 books)
  • Laura Childs (2 books)
  • Jennifer Chiaverini (1 book)
  • Louise Erdrich (1 book)
  • JoAnne Fluke (5 books)
  • Jan Karon (1 book)
  • French study guide 
  • Novel written in French (I can't read this book yet so I have no idea what it is about)
  • Magazines Victoria, English Garden, English Home, The Quilt Life
  • DVD and VHS were for my Mom
In the past I have always bought books on gardening and quilting.  This year I focused on novels, both mysterys and romance (not those throbbing loin type romance!!) 
Needless to say I have enough reading material to last me a few years.  The lower 3 shelves are just some of the books that I want to read some day. 

Have a good weekend everyone.
 Until next time,


Katydid said...

You have been a busy bee! Your old windows look like the ones that are in this fixer-upper that I live in. We have brand new replacement windows but they are sitting in our barn! My husband is the KING of procrastination. He has always worked construction soooooo that means our home is always the last on the list to get done. I am used to it. I just blog and take lots of antidepressants (j/k).
Enjoy all those books and magazines and have a great week.
P.S. Your new window looks great!

Sonia said...

Oh how we need new windows...after this cold cold winter I told my hubbie we have to get new windows this year!!! It's on our list of things to do...were you happy with the company who did yours would love to get a recommendation!! I've never been to the book sale...we have so many books...been trying to get rid of some!! Hope your week is great!!

Miss Bloomers/Sonia