Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It is a Hum-Dinger of a Winter Storm

One of the weathermen called the storm a Hum-Dinger. They are also calling it "Snowmageddon" like Armageddon with Snow on top, that is just so funny.

 I would agree with both of these terms.  On Monday, while the temperature was still 37 degrees and the ground was dry as a bone they started closing state offices and schools for Tuesday.  That has never happened before that I can remember.  By 7pm I believe every school district in the state had closed and it was still only cold and dry. 

All week the weathermen were telling us the rain would start at 10pm.  Just as forecast the rain/sleet started at 9:30pm.  It is amazing to me that they can predict the weather that many days in advance.
It is now noon on Tuesday and we have received around 9 inches and it is still snowing.  We are having blizzard winds, 50-60 mph. 

Me, Hubby, Brutus, Nosey and Beau are all snuggled up inside, keeping warm by the fire.  So far we still have electricity so the generator will have to come out and play another day. 

I am working on my Star Crazy Quilt.  I hope to have the top finished by tomorrow if all goes well.  I will be posting pictures of the quilt when I get it finished. 
Until next time,


Katydid said...

We have a foot or more snow here south of Tulsa. The wind is blowing and it is very cold indeed. I have been going through my magazines cutting out what I like and discarding the rest. Hoping we don't lose power. Thank goodness for our old wood burning stove!
Stay safe and warm!

Elisabeth said...

Good to hear that you are all fine so far. Hope that it will bee no worse then this. Lovely photos.