Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Color in the Yard

2011 will go down in Oklahoma history as the year of weather extremes.  We have set record snowfall, had the coldest temperature every recorded in the state, the hottest summer ever on record, the highest wind speed ever recorded, severe drought and tornadoes.  On top of that many wildfires during those windy days and now earthquakes.  All I can say is "oh my goodness, what is next?". 

With that said, I think the fall color in my yard is the most beautiful ever. 

This is an old native black jack oak tree and look at that color.  Crazy.

Our state is not generally known for it's fall color.

I took this picture 2 days ago.  I think this may be the last Monarch butterfly left in city.  You can tell the mums are almost over the hill. 

Next time more from the Houston International Quilt Festival.

Until next time,


Katydid said...

I was expecting to have the ugliest Fall ever with all the scorching heat this Summer but I have truly been amazed at all the beautiful colors! And it seems to keep hanging on. The earthquakes have been scary weird! Crazy Oklahoma!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

What beautiful colours and what extremes of temperatures this year. Hope the earth quakes are now subdued! Take care Diane x