Monday, November 7, 2011

Earthquake and Houston International Quilt Festival Part 1

Hello friends,

I am feeling great.  Last week I was in Houston for my annual trip to the Houston International Quilt Festival.  If you are a quilter or if you enjoy looking at the work of the world's best textile artists then the Houston IQF is the place to be.  It is always held around the first week in November. 

For the next few posts I will be showing some of my favorite quilts from the show.  I hope you enjoy them.
Weeds Are Flowers Too by Terry Grant of Portland Oregon
I LOVE bees so this little quilt was a favorite.  It is 12 inches x 12 inches.  It is one of the quilts from the Twelve by Twelve project: The International Art Quilt Challenge.  There were 12 quilters involved in this project.  They have published a book about the challenge.  You can read more about it here if you are interested.  All of the quilts from the challenge were on display at the show.

Rare Birds by Rachel Wetzler from St. Charles Illinois
Close up of Rare Birds
Isn't this just the cutest whimsical quilt you have ever seen?  It won 3rd place in the Art Whimsical category.

Gossip Garden by Debra Martinez of Hobart Indiana
You can click on this picture to see more of the detail.  What a clever woman to dream this quilt up and then be able to execute it so beautifully.

My husband drove me down to Houston.  We didn't know if I would be able to do that much walking or if I would lose my hair while I was there BUT I felt great and again, I still have hair.  This not knowing how I will feel from day to day is driving me crazy.

We got home Saturday afternoon.  That evening, around 10:50pm, we had one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded in Oklahoma.  It was a 5.6.  We were both sound asleep when it hit.  It was scary, scary, scary.  No damage because we don't live that close to the epicenter.  The quake was felt all over the state.  Friends were posting to Facebook like crazy. 

Today we are having a light rain with a little thunder.  My husband heard the thunder and said "is that another tremor"?  We are getting a little jumpy around here.  Thunder used to be a normal occurrence, now we are listening for earthquakes!!

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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Great news that you are still feeling so good. Long may it last :)

Those quilts are amazing. I did a little bit of quilting when I was in S.Africa but only simple stuff.

Oops, earthquakes you can do without, hope they stay far from you.

Praying now for your health and the lack of quakes. Luv Diane

Sonia said...

I'm so glad you felt well and were able to go to Houston for the quilt show!! Wow are those some beautiful and colorful quilts. Wasn't that earthquake something? We used to live in California and the last earthquake I was in there felt very similar...I thought we were immune to those...guess not!! Stay well!!
Miss Bloomers