Saturday, February 26, 2011

Windows and Books

Well let me start off by saying "I'm sorry this post is soooo boring" but I wanted to have a record for myself of a few things that have happened lately.

First we had new windows installed in our house...WOOHOO!!
BEFORE - we built our house in 1979 so these windows were 32 years old, yikes!!  This was the window in my sewing studio.  The locks had broken years ago so we used a board to keep out burglars :-(

AFTER - Much better, double pane windows.  This is the new window in our kitchen. 

This weekend is the Friends of the Library booksale at the State Fairgrounds.  I volunteered last Monday during the setup phase of the sale.  Boxes of books were delivered to the fairgrounds on Sunday.  On Monday 50 or so volunteers unloaded boxes, placing thousands of books on tables so they could be easily viewed by buyers.  Volunteers were still working Tuesday and Wednesday to get the building ready for the public. 
Of course I was one of those buyers.  I bought 34 books, 4 magazines, 1 DVD movie and 1 VHS tape movie all for $31.00  Paperbacks were 50 cents, magazines 50 cents, dvd and vhs were $1. The newer hardback books were $1.50 - $2.  Most of the hardbacks I bought were $1.  This is the list of the authors I purchased. 
  • Janet Evanovich (6 books)
  • Sherryl Woods (4 books)
  • Lavyrle Spencer (6 books)
  • James Patterson (6 books)
  • Laura Childs (2 books)
  • Jennifer Chiaverini (1 book)
  • Louise Erdrich (1 book)
  • JoAnne Fluke (5 books)
  • Jan Karon (1 book)
  • French study guide 
  • Novel written in French (I can't read this book yet so I have no idea what it is about)
  • Magazines Victoria, English Garden, English Home, The Quilt Life
  • DVD and VHS were for my Mom
In the past I have always bought books on gardening and quilting.  This year I focused on novels, both mysterys and romance (not those throbbing loin type romance!!) 
Needless to say I have enough reading material to last me a few years.  The lower 3 shelves are just some of the books that I want to read some day. 

Have a good weekend everyone.
 Until next time,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Forgotten Garden

Today I finished reading this book, The Forgotten Garden a novel by Kate Morton.  It is a great book. 

It takes place in Australia and England and has 552 pages.  I read this book in 2 weeks!!  I don't think I have ever read a book with that many pages that fast.  Being snowed in helped, plus the book was due back at the library and there are 4 people waiting to check it out....See I told you it is a good book. 

As for my garden I found these blooming in the greenhouse this week.
The Bird of Paradise is blooming again.  It enjoys the warmth and humidity in the greenhouse. 

Behind the birds is a new antique mirror that I purchased last month.  It has carved Scottish Thistles all around the edges and there are doors in the center that open to the mirror.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Until next time,

Friday, February 11, 2011

And the Snow is Gone

The final snow total for our area of Oklahoma was 5.5 inches and our lowest temperature was -5 degrees.  The area where my sister lives, Tulsa/Broken Arrow, was hit a lot harder than we were.  The schools there have been closed for the last 9 days.  To make up these days, there is talk that spring break will be cancelled or they may lengthen the school day. 

But it looks like the bad weather is over.  Today our temperature was in the mid 50's.  By Monday we should see some 70's.  Isn't that go from -5 to 70 in the span of a few days? 

So hopefully for one last time this winter I wanted to post a few pictures I snapped during my confinement in the house.

I hope you enjoy your weekend whether you are in rain or snow, cold or hot.  I will be enjoying our 70ish degree weather while it lasts. 

Until next time,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Melting, Melting

Good morning.  How is everyone today?  Here the sun is out and we are hoping the snow will melt a little.  Tomorrow we are going to receive another 1-2 inches of snow.  I have not left the house since February 1.  I could get out but I don't have to, it is a good time to just hibernate, sit by the fire, read, sew, and play with the cats.   
Melting, Melting
This is a quilt top I finished several months ago but never shared a picture.  The pattern is called Jelly Beans and In Betweens.  It is made with 1 jelly roll and 1 charm pack.  The fabric is "Happy Campers" by Moda, part of the American Jane series.  This will be a picnic quilt, something me and the grandkids can throw on the grass outside and have a picnic. 

Until next time,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stars over Sweden

On Tuesday Oklahoma received 12 inches of snow. For us, who rarely receive snow, this is a big deal. So guess what? I had an excuse to stay in and finish my Star Crazy Quilt...woohoo!! 

During 2010 I was part of an on-line quilt group with ladies from all over the globe.  We were each making this quilt.  During the year I formed a friendship with Elisabeth who lives in Sweden.  In honor of my new found friend I am calling this quilt "Stars over Sweden".   It is the first quilt I have made that I have named. 

Here it is laying on the queen size bed in our guest room. I am going to hire someone to machine quilt it. The quilt will end up on this bed. I will be redecorating the room, painting the walls, new curtains, new bed skirt, etc using this quilt as my design inspiration.

Until next time,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It is a Hum-Dinger of a Winter Storm

One of the weathermen called the storm a Hum-Dinger. They are also calling it "Snowmageddon" like Armageddon with Snow on top, that is just so funny.

 I would agree with both of these terms.  On Monday, while the temperature was still 37 degrees and the ground was dry as a bone they started closing state offices and schools for Tuesday.  That has never happened before that I can remember.  By 7pm I believe every school district in the state had closed and it was still only cold and dry. 

All week the weathermen were telling us the rain would start at 10pm.  Just as forecast the rain/sleet started at 9:30pm.  It is amazing to me that they can predict the weather that many days in advance.
It is now noon on Tuesday and we have received around 9 inches and it is still snowing.  We are having blizzard winds, 50-60 mph. 

Me, Hubby, Brutus, Nosey and Beau are all snuggled up inside, keeping warm by the fire.  So far we still have electricity so the generator will have to come out and play another day. 

I am working on my Star Crazy Quilt.  I hope to have the top finished by tomorrow if all goes well.  I will be posting pictures of the quilt when I get it finished. 
Until next time,