Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Past Week

Last Monday we had a little snow fall.  Most of it had melted by the afternoon.

It has been so warm here that many of my bulbs are sprouting and our trees are budding.  The snow doesn't seem to have bothered them.

This is Fats.  I named him that because he has such a fat face.  He has been coming to our house for 2 years now, wanting to be fed, then he leaves and we don't seen him again for several months.  I don't know if he belongs to anyone but he has decided that he wants to live with us.  During the snow I made him a bed on our front porch to try to keep him warm.  If he is still hanging around in March we are going to take him to the vet and get his shots and have him neutered.  I'm not ready to bring him into the house yet, you know, we have 3 cats already!

AND my daughter has rescued a cat that is pregnant.  Yes, I am sure I will bring home one of those kittens.  Looks like I will have 5 cats soon. 

On Tuesday the snow was gone but we had freezing fog which is much worse than the snow.  While driving you couldn't tell that the road was frozen, it simply looked wet.  People were crashing their cars all over the city.  I was glad I didn't have to get out until later in the day when it warmed up to 55 degrees. 

On Wednesday I decided to quilt a little.
Brutus decided he wanted to help and he buried himself under this quilt..cats..gotta love em.

Thursday I was back in the oncologists office for a check up and Friday house cleaning.

So goes it in the life of a retired person.  I LOVE retirement!!!

Until next time,


Sonia said...

Sounds like you have a sweet cat family!! Love Fats face!!! Glad you are feeling well enough to quilt! I am getting back into a routine again after vacation. That was a crazy morning the other day with all the fog. Glad I don't have far to drive to work. Stay warm and safe!
Miss Bloomers

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I am not sure that I have really got used to retirement with Nigel yet :) It seems strange having him around all the time and I have had to change my life style to fit in with 3 meals a day!! When I was here on my own it was a banana for breakfast and then vegetables from the garden for dinner, quite often raw as I was too lazy to cook for myself! The fact that the weather has caused us to be house bound has not helped to make it any easier LOL.
Pleased to hear you are doing well. I would love a cat but I had to leave mine with my parents when we got married - Nigel is allergic!!
Keep well and take care. Diane