Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today it is 70 degrees outside, absolutely perfect weather.  Tomorrow by noon they are forecasting 1 inch of ice and 4-8 inches of snow.  One weather man said this could be "cataclysmic".  I had to look that word up to make sure I knew what it meant.  Basically it means a natural disaster.  Because they are forecasting so much ice they are predicting that many of us could be without power. 

So I have brought in firewood so I can have a roaring fire in the fireplace.  I am not too worried about the possiblity of the power outage because we have gas heat and a gas stove.  We also have a generator to run our well and our refrigerator.  I am worried about the rest of my family, my daughters, my mother and my in-laws.  We will face those problems when and if it happens. 

In the past week we have had at least 5 earthquakes, we have been under a tornado watch and we have had perfect spring weather.  Now this could be our Blizzard of 2010, all in one week!  This is not like the Oklahoma that I have lived in for over 50 years. 

I am keeping my laptop, cell phone and Ipod charged.  I'll keep you updated.


karenfae said...

good luck coming through with no ice! I have our firewood ready too and the generator is sitting on the porch ready to be used if needed. We moved the motorhome where no tree branches can fall on it - I guess I am ready - you sure got warm today - here it barely hit 50! Right now they are going back and forth on how much ice and snow we will get - I don't mind the snow - it is the ice we all hate.

Sonia said...

Hi Kclily,
Well your picture looks just like the side of our hubbie just had a rick of oak wood delivered this eve...nice man from Newalla just delivered it! Hope we don't have what they predicted...take care and stay safe!!

Miss Bloomers/Sonia

kaiwat said...

Not looking forward to it. Unfortunately, we don't have a generator and our "fireplace" is a fancy space heater with pretend flames. We'll just have to use the dogs and kitty to keep us warm if we lose power.

I hadn't heard about earthquakes! We are only 5 miles from the Ft. Sill artillery range, so I literally watch rockets being fired off all day and sometimes one will shake the windows...but no earthquakes!