Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knock Out Punch

The weather man is now saying that the next 5 hours are the "Knock Out Punch".  This is when the ice will knock out the power lines.  They are predicting 100,000 people may be without power.  We'll see how close they are to that prediction.

This is how much ice is on the front porch shrubs.  My in-laws are going to my sister-in-laws house (which is next door to them).  She has a huge fireplace and they don't want to chance being without power.

While I still had power I finished my "May" blocks for the 2009 Stars for a New Day BOM.  Don't look too close, I haven't trimmed them up yet.

All of my family is safe at home except my son-in-law who is a deputy sheriff.  He is essential personnel and is at work.  The roads are so very bad right now and getting worse.  I hope he stays at work tonight.

I will update again tomorrow if I can.



karenfae said...

It is starting to rain here in Arkansas now we are still above freezing but won't be for much longer - maybe until 10PM I sure hope we don't get as much as they are predicting.
I hope your son-in-law will be ok out in the hazards of his job.

Rae Ann said...

I love your beautiful blocks! Hope your weather is getting better.