Thursday, January 7, 2010

Star Crazy BOM - The Beginning

Am I crazy or what?  I am starting another block of the month.  Again this pattern comes from the Quilt Show hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.  For those of you who do not quilt this is a member paid  on-line quilt show.

I am getting brave.  I am going to try a totally different color pallet than the pattern calls for.  In 2009 I collected red fabrics and I think this is a good time to use them.  My color pallet will be red, white and black. 

I am using the Quilt Dance Tags to identify my fabric colors verses the pattern fabric colors. For each piece of fabric, I randomly select a tag and I will use the row-block number to identify my fabric choice on the pattern.

Using the pattern I tried to identify the color value of the fabric used in the pattern, determining what I thought would be light, medium and dark fabrics.  I used one of those red plastic viewers(can't remember what they are called) that remove all color and simply show value.  I wrote L,M, or D next to each color then I selected my fabrics the same way.  Once a fabric was selected I assigned a number to it and wrote that on the pattern.  Each month I will have to pull my color selections and see if I need to make changes based on the pattern that month. 

Now I need to start cutting the January blocks.

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