Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Empty Nest Gardens before a freeze

The weatherman has forecast an artic freeze for Thursday so I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures before the Empty Nest blooms are gone.
I love having blooming roses in November.

The leaves on the oak trees were so beautiful this year, the most color I can ever remember.
In the greenhouse the Bird of Paradise is still blooming.

 The greenhouse is absolutely jammed packed with plants.  I always try to save everything from the killing frost.  After Thanksgiving I will have to take cuttings of some of the plants and try to downsize a little so I can get inside the greenhouse to work....lol. 

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  I will be hosting 11 at my house.  Let us all be thankful for the many blessings in our lives.
Until next time,


Sonia said...

I so enjoyed the tour of your bloomers...it's always sad to me to have the first frost...tender annuals are the first to go..then everything just fades. I guess it does cause me to spend time indoors doing many home organization projects...but I would much rather be outside! Love your greenhouse...did you build it yourself? I've been wanting (coveting) one! LOL! The fall color was wonderful this year..our oaks are beautiful too! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Elisabeth said...

How lovely your flowers are ! !
I don´t think it´s fair to have this nice flowers in november. At my home the folwers are long time ago. Al we have now is minus degrees and snow. Thanks for sharing you photo.