Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mums and Me

I will start this blog post off with Me.  I had a chemo treatment last Wednesday and it was a little rougher than the last one.  I felt pretty bad Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The chemo causes me to have a headache and acid reflux and the "day-after-chemo" shot (that helps build up my white blood count) causes me to have flu-like symptoms. 

The next treatment I plan to simply sleep for 3 days.   Just stay in bed, watch some good movies and sleep.  Sounds like a good plan to me!!   (oh, I still have all my hair)

My husband always gives me roses after a chemo treatment.  He is so sweet to me. 

Now to talk about my mums.  The mums are in full bloom at the Empty Nest Gardens.

The pictures above and below are the same mum, the photos were taken at different times during the day.  This is my favorite of all my mums.

These are also a favorite.  Spoon Mums.

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Katydid said...

Very pretty mums! Do you buy them in the early summer and set them out or do you start them from seeds?
Good luck and lots of good rest on your next chemo round.
God Bless!

Sonia said...

OH so beautiful...I love all your mums..wish they bloomed all year! The yellow daisy-like ones are such a happy flower! Hope you start feeling better rest..that is so important! Continued prayers for you my friend! Hugs too.

kclily said...

Hey Kelly. I have had these mums for several years. They come back faithfully every year. When I di buy mums, I buy in the fall.

Sonia and Kelly, I am feeling much better. I am traveling to Houston to the International Quilt Festival. So glad I feel well enough for this trip.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Sorry you had a rough trip this time, staying in bed and sleeping sounds like a good idea to me. The mums look fantastic. Just taking 5 mins out from the chaos here!! Take care Diane xx