Thursday, August 27, 2009

A stroll through the gardens

Today it is overcast outside so I thought it would be a good day to take a few pictures of the gardens.  Come along with me as I tour the yard. 

Ignore my truck in the picture, I don't know how to edit it out of the picture.  This is one of the driveway beds.  I am growing Castor beans, Melampodium, Gomphrena, and Chrysthemum.  In the back is a palm I bought in Houston.  It has to come into the greenhouse during the winter.  
The yellow Melampodium and purple Gomphrena reseed themselves each year. I love this color combination.  

Beside the path in the woodland garden I am growing Plume Delight Chinese Fringe flower, various hostas and oakleaf hydragena. 

My small collection of cactus.  Most were given to me by a friend in Houston.
Pass along elephant ears tend to travel in the garden.  They like growing up through the middle of this Colorado Blue Spruce.
Our walking path from the garage to the house.  My favorite plant in the yard is this Varigated Tapioca.
On the deck I have a pot of Angelonia and Blue Daze Evolvulus.  You will notice the pot has chipped.  I left it outside 2 winters ago and it has caused the surface to crack and chip off.
Zinnias have taken over the cottage garden.  They reseed themselves each year.  Most of the vegetables have been harvested.  The zinnias fill in the empty space and make the garden very cheerful.
Thanks for joining me in the garden.


Tootsie said...

Oh PLEASE link in to my Fertilizer Friday!!!! this is too good not to share with more!!! I love your gardens!!!

Tootsie said...

oh I am so excited to hear you are linking in next week for Fertilizer Friday!!! What you shared here is outstanding!!!!