Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chemo went great and Pleasant Home

Today I had chemotherapy and it went great this time.  No problems at all.  For anyone that may be reading this and are taking chemo this is my chemo cocktail:  Methotrexate, 5-FU, Cytoxan.  I am feeling fine right now.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment to get my hair cut short.  It will fall out in 14-21 days.  The stylist is going to style my wig also.  I will post pictures of the transition.

Now for the exciting news.  I follow a blog called Pleasant Home  Jodi was having a giveaway and I won!! 

She was giving away scrap fabric that she had collected.  When I got home from chemo I had a big package in the mail box.  How fun is that! There was a lot of fabric in this package as you can see.  I am working on a cathedral window quilt and I will use some of it for that project.  I also want to make a hexagon quilt...but that is a project that is on my bucket list for now.

Thank you Jodi for the fabric.  And if you are interested in reading a fabulous blog click here and check out Pleasant Home.

Until next time,


Elisabeth said...

I am so happy gor you that yout treatment did go well this time <3 I was thinking of you al day yesterday <3 How fun for you til have a surpirce like that in you mail when you got home :-) You are so lucky girl :-)

Hugs Elisabeth

merrily row said...

Good news, I am still keeping you in my prayers. And that hexie quilt might be a great project for doctor's waiting rooms. I got lots done waiting on my husband.