Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greenhouse Remodel

Last year my greenhouse was absolutely full of plants that I was over-wintering.  It was so full that I could barely squeeze inside to water and there definitely was no room for starting seeds.

This fall my wonderful husband doubled the size of the greenhouse.  He had built the original lean-to type greenhouse on the south side of our house so he was familiar with how it was constructed.

The foundation is built from cinder blocks.  I have no knowledge of construction so I will not attempt to describe the building process.  

Here you can see the original greenhouse.  In the summer it serves as our pool house, holding all the floaties, etc for the swimming pool.

Here is the "almost" finished addition.  He will lay the concrete pavers along the foundation to help with soil erosion during rain storms. It also needs to be painted but for now it is sealed and the plants are happy campers inside.  It is heated with a natural gas furnace.

This is a view inside the original half.  There is plenty of space for my plants and me!!

The view from inside the original greenhouse into the new.  The water spicket is in the center.  He took out the original windows and moved them to the outer wall.  He left the original outer walls to support what is now the center of the greenhouse.  So I simply step through the opening to get to the other side.

The floor is gravel with black weed barrier underneath.  This is my potting bench.

Opposite the potting bench are my cactus and succulents and the shelving with the yellow water can is for growing flats of seedlings.

A view back into the original half.  In the corner I have lighted shelves where I start my seedlings from seed.

Thank you for taking a tour of my greenhouse.

Tomorrow I have another chemotherapy treatment.  I still have all of my hair but I may lose it during this treatment....although I have been saying that....so maybe I will be lucky and never lose it.

Just in case, I got another wig from the American Cancer Society yesterday.  Now I have 2 wigs, 3 ball caps, 1 straw hat and 7 chemo hats.  I'm ready to be bald if it happens.  When the time comes I will model a few of them for you.

Until next time,


Elisabeth said...

Oh, what a greenhouse!! You lucky girl <3 <3 <3 I would love to have a greenhouse like that too. Can you please send your husband over to my house?

Hugs and love, Elisabeth

envious? me? jepp :-)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

We are in the middle of building our greenhouse. It has come to a stand still now until we both get back to France. Hopefully we will get it finished quickly when we return. The heating though is still being discussed as we want something not too expensive, and as it is quite a way from the house, electricity is not really an option. No natural gas with us!
Good luck for tomorrow and hope the hair stays put. It sounds like you are well prepared though if it does the dirty on you. Take care, Diane

Sonia said...

OH I love your greenhouse addition. How wonderful your hubbie can build something so wonderful and useful! I am still putting a greenhouse on my wish list!!
Hope you are feeling well..and that your chemo didn't make you sick! Thinking of you!

Miss Bloomers