Sunday, September 20, 2009

The little guy that ran away

This week the rain just would not stop and the grass was up to my ankles.  Finally the rain let up for about 4 hours so I went outside and mowed...yes...I mowed wet grass and it worked out okay.  While I was mowing the front yard this little guy was trying his hardest to get in my hair.  So you know what that means, I ran inside and got the camera.

You can see trees in the background but it was like he was hanging from the sky. 

He is turning to run away.  I think he had the same thoughts my granddaughters away...she has the camera again!

Now for an experiment.  I am working on making my own signature and I am trying to make it transparent so my background will show through.  The thing is, I won't know exactly what it looks like until I post this.  So here goes.
Until next time,

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kclily said...

Well, transparent worked but now I need to figure out how to lose the box.